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قیمت تابلو چلنیوم

What is the chelonium panel?

One of the most durable signs, which has high resistance and popularity compared to other advertising signs, is the Chelenium sign.

Chelenium board is one of the most prominent types of advertising boards that are suitable for any weather conditions (heat, cold, high humidity, etc.).

In this article, we intend to introduce you more to the chelonium panel and how to make it and its pricing (the price of the chelonium panel) so that it can be a guide for you before ordering the chelonium panel.

قیمت تابلو چلنیوم

What is the chelonium panel?

One of the most durable signs, which has high resistance and popularity compared to other advertising signs, is the Chelenium sign.

Chelenium board is one of the most prominent types of advertising boards that are suitable for any weather conditions (heat, cold, high humidity, etc.).

In this article, we intend to introduce you more to the chelonium panel and how to make it and its pricing (the price of the chelonium panel) so that it can be a guide for you before ordering the chelonium panel.

قیمت تابلو چلنیوم

What is the channelium board?

One of the most durable signs, which has high resistance and popularity compared to other advertising signs, is the channelium sign.

channelium board is one of the most prominent types of advertising boards that are suitable for any weather conditions (heat, cold, high humidity, etc.).

In this article, we intend to introduce you more to the Channelium Letters and how to make it and its pricing (the price of the channelium board) so that it can be a guide for you before ordering the channelium board.

What is channelium? Types of channelium board

One of the most diverse advertising signs with raised letters, which has received great attention in the sign making industry, is the channelium sign.

The structure of the channelium sign is as follows: the work is made of Plexiglas and the underwork on which smds are mounted is made of compressed plastic sheets called PVC, and the work around the edge of channelium is made of aluminum alloy and mostly in color. Silver and gold ones are available in the market.

Due to its great variety and high resistance, the Channelium Letters has a high position among people.

In panel making, Channelium is made as simple Channelium, round Channelium, double plexiglass, punchy Channelium, norandric, crystal, star Channelium, diamond, seven color round, full color and golden Channelium.

channelium board_تابلو چلنیوم بیمه کوثر

Novin sign paneling

The best billboards in Tehran are ready to make all kinds of advertising boards you like in the best designs and latest methods.

Example of making and installing a channelium board

The material for making the board is channelium

As we said, the channelium board is made of chelenium sheet, Plexiglas, SMD is used for lighting and PVC is used for the bottom.


The most famous material that is used in the making of Channelium Letters is plexiglass sheet, which is another name of acrylic glass.

Plexiglas sheets are made of plastic in three different ways.

Various types of plexiglass sheets are produced in colored, transparent and mirror, each of which has different users in the sign making industry.

The most widely used types of plexiglass sheets in the field of panel making are colored plexiglass sheets. Likewise, plexiglass can be used as the main view of the raised letters.

One of the important reasons why plexiglass is used in the structure of the channelium board is because of its ability to pass light.


One of the main materials for making chelonium panels is selenium sheets.

This type of material, which is made of an alloy called aluminum, is transformed into mirror sheets with a series of processes that are performed on it, which are mostly used to make raised letters as the edge of the work.

The working edge of the letters is the same as the protrusion of the letters, which is available in the market in thicknesses of 7, 8, 9, 11 and is available in silver and gold colors with different brands.

Channelium sheets can be found as plain, lettermax, and punchy Channelium rolls.


As you know, in order for the channelium board to have better visibility at night, we must use SMD to illuminate the prominent letters of the board.

SMDs are available in different shapes and waterproof in the market. which is used as lighting in the shop’s selenium panel structure.

Power supply

Block SMDs need 12V power to turn on.

In order to be able to convert 230 city electricity to 12 volts, we must use a power source.

PVC sheet

After completing the construction of the channelium board, the board maker cuts the PVC sheets to the size of the letters and assembles the SMDs on it and finally installs the raised letters.

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How much is the price of the Channelium Letters?

The price of channelium sign in 1402 is determined based on different criteria.

Influential factors in calculating the price of the Chelenium 1402 panel

  1. The material used in making the board
  2. The circumference of the Channelium Letters, its dimensions and type of design
  3. The diameter of the font used in the letters
  4. The type of board substructure
  5. The type of lighting used
  6. Using a timer or regular power or fan
  7. Type of panel (Norandric, double plexiglass, round, etc.) و…)Type of panel (Norandric, double plexiglass, round, etc.)

Additional information regarding the order and price of the chelenium panel:

Chenlium edges used in the letters are 0.4 mil thick with a 10 year warranty.

Plexiglas used in the production of Chelenium panels are from high-quality brands in Taiwan with a 10-year warranty.

The SMD and power supply used in Chelenium letters are from well-known brands in the market with a 2-year warranty.

Each centimeter increase in the diameter of the pen will include a 3% increase in the price of the selenium board.

What are the benefits of the channelium board?

If we want to talk about the characteristics and advantages of the channelium board, we can point out that the channelium sign has a beautiful structure and has attracted many fans because of the prominent letters used in it.

  • channelium sign due to its high resistance and high-quality material against weather and environmental conditions such as: rain, wind and storm, cold and heat.
  • channelium sign can be used on various substructures such as: composite, thermowood, steel, PVC based on the client’s opinion.
  • High quality of the panel due to the use of high quality material
  • Reasonable and affordable price of the panel due to its long life
  • The electricity consumption of the LEDs used in the panel is very low.
  • Stylish and varied coloring and low vulnerability
  • The viewing angle of the board at night is great because of the lighting.
  • The lifetime of the panel is very high against humidity and dust, and it prevents the entry of dust due to the sponge tape around the edges.
channelium board_مزایای تابلو چلنیوم

Important points before ordering the channelium board

  1. Pay attention to optimal energy consumption.

One of the most important points that you should pay attention to before ordering a channelium board is that in order for the selenium panel to display a special effect at night, SMD lighting must be used.

You must pay attention to its low consumption so that your advertising board has a high durability.

  1. Be sure to consider the quality of the board, the type of material used in the channelium board.

One of the reasons why the channelium sign is popular with people is because the channelium sign has high resistance to weather conditions despite the aluminum alloy.

In order to produce high-quality panels, Novin Sain uses foreign materials (Alupid, Alushin,…) and gives you a quality guarantee.

  1. The best and most appropriate dimensions for the board

Definitely, the cost of a panel has a direct relationship with the size of the panel.

In order to determine the right dimensions so that you don’t want to incur an exorbitant cost for it, be sure to contact Novin Sain consultants before placing an order so that they can guide you.

  1. Have a special and innovative design.

The design of a tableau should be according to the taste of the audience, you must know that the design is one of the most vital parts of the tableau, if there is a slight disturbance in the design, the whole effort of the group will go to waste.

Novin Sign Group suggests that you design and present your design and idea to the board maker before ordering the board, or if you can’t leave it to the designer of Novin Sign Group, so that he can design your board based on the type of request and idea you have. .

  1. Determine the installation location of the board.

Be sure to pay attention to the location and the type of board suitable for that place before ordering.

There are different types of channelium boards in terms of type and material: Letermex selenium board, norandric selenium board, plexi double selenium board, etc.

Each of these signs is suitable for a specific space, for example: if you own a boutique or a small shop, you should pay attention to the size, diameter and thickness of the sign. Or if you want an advertising board for a large commercial complex, you should place the board at the highest point of the building to have a better view.

The consultants of Novin Sain paneling group will guide you in this field so that you can make the best choice for your panel.

The consultants of Novin Sign paneling group will guide you so that you can make the best choice.

The main customers of the purchase of Channelium Letters

  1. Beauty salons and hairdressers 2. Fast foods 3. Treatment centers 4. Real estate consultant 5. Boutiques 6. Juice shops 7. Confectionery 8. Wedding halls 9. Production groups 10. Sports clubs 11. Stadium 12. Galleries 13. Banks and financial institutions 14. 15. Education and office buildings are one of the main customers for buying channelium board.

Novin Sain team, designer and producer of chelenium advertising boards, with years of experience in this field, is with you from the time of design to the construction and installation of channelium board.

All Navin Sain products come with a 36-month warranty.

channelium board-تابلو چلنیوم

Steps to order a Chelenium panel

Obtaining the necessary permission to install the Channelium Letters

Measuring the location of the installation of the Channelium Letters

Professional design of channelium board

Making and assembling the channelium board

Sending and installing the channelium board

channelium shop sign

It is called a kind of advertising board that is made with raised letters and most of its installation places are in front of shops.

The shop’s selenium panel has been welcomed by many people due to its efficiency and reasonable price.

Despite the ever-increasing progress of the shop’s channelium board industry, it can be made in a high variety.

One of the most effective ways of advertising that makes the viewer’s mind dazzle at the first glance is the use of the store’s channelium sign.

تابلو چلنیوم مغازه

Types of channelium signs:

  • Simple channelium sign
  • Full color channelium board
  • channelium sign with seven RGB colors
  • Double-edged channelium sign
  • Stellar channelium board
  • Chalenium Panchi panel
  • Combined channelium sign


انواع تابلو چلنیوم

Types of Chalenium letters

Chalenium characters are categorized as follows.

Diamond, simple, double, star, lettermax, golden, ringi, crystal, pattern, plain silver edged channelium , ringi silver edged channelium , simple gold edged channelium , punchy golden edged channelium , ringi gold edged channelium, Talaq One Plain layer, taluk one color layer, silver plexiglass sheet, gold plexiglass sheet.


انواع حروف چلنیوم

channelium board design

Different designs are usually used to make the channelium board, the most common of which is the simple design, which includes a lower cost and is very easy to install.

Simple channelium board

channelium boards can be made of Plexiglas in various colors. Chelenium signs can be installed on composite facades, Termwood, etc.

Materials needed to make the board:

Plexiglas, LED lamps, PVC sheets, channelium edge, power supply or power supply

Available colors in the market: gold, black and silver

This board is mostly used in startups and government companies, private organizations and institutions, and shops.

تابلو چلنیوم ساده

RGB seven-color channelium sign

These types of panels come in purple, yellow, green, red, blue, and white colors, the short name of this type of panels is RGB or seven-color channelium sign, which has a special effect at night.

Materials needed to make a seven-color panel:

RGB lamp, PVC sheets, channelium edge, controller, special memory card, white plexiglass, suitable power supply

تابلو چلنیوم هفت رنگ RGB))

New Channelium Letters (FULL COLOR RGB)

The new Channelium Letters is able to display 16 different colors because they use special FULL COLOR RGB lamps and has a higher price than other boards.

This is a FULL COLOR RGB SMD board and a special remote controller in a full color Chelenium Sign Letter


Materials needed to make full color RGB

Chelenium Sign Letter

The new channelium board leaves the owner’s hands free due to its ability to plan its lighting, and it also has the ability to store. For example, amusement park, academy, skating, supermarkets, souvenir shops, sweets shops, ice cream shops

Double plexiglass panel

In the making of double plexiglass panels, it gives us the ability to use different colors of plexiglass to make the panels and leaves the customer’s hands free to order the panels according to their preferences.

To make this board, we have to use plexiglass with the colors of our choice and make our extraordinary board from simple Channelium, SMD lamp, power supply and PVC sheets.

Why is the double-sided panel attractive?

The double plexiglass panel is particularly attractive because it creates a color contrast.

which makes the Channelium Letters look more attractive. Most of the time, navy blue colors are used to make a double plexiglass panel, and a layer of white plexiglass is placed under the navy blue plexiglass with a wider width so that the work output of the panel looks great. This panel has a higher price.

Golden channelium board

One of the most attractive type of channelium board is called golden channelium board. Simple plexiglass sheets are used to make a simple Channelium Letters, but plexiglass is used to make a golden Channelium Letters.

The golden channelium board has the ability to be installed on any type of material. For example, composite, thermowood, glass, the material used in making the golden chelenium boardis made of two layers of plexiglass, which are used with different colors. Plexiglas sheets are higher than normal plexiglass sheets in terms of price and high resistance.

The round edge of the letters is made of golden channelium roll with a diameter of 7 or 9 cm, and PVC sheet is used under the letters.

تابلو چلنیوم طلایی

channelium board with Swedish edge

One of the best channelium board is the channelium sign with a Swedish edge. The edges of the panel are designed and made with very accurate shaping and bending in a Swedish way.

which makes the quality of the painting relatively higher, and because it looks uniform, it is very popular. And it is welcomed by people because of its stylish design.

Most of the channelium sign with Swedish edges are used in famous and well-known stores and luxury and stylish centers.

It allows you to make your business brand and logo memorable by ordering a Swedish Edge channelium sign.

تابلو لبه سوئدی

channelium Norandrik panel

The other name of the Noorendrik channelium sign is the hidden light Chelenium sign, which has a special beauty and appearance.

Usually, in the production of chelenium photoelectric panels, apart from the lighting itself, the space between the panels and the letters is also illuminated by SMD or LED.

Necessary materials for making a no-andric channelium sign:

To make the upper part of the plexiglass letters, which is cut by a CNC cutting machine, then the edges of the letters are edged with selenium sheets, and then with the help of special adhesives, the upper part, which is plexiglass, is attached to the lower part, which is made of selenium. They stick

In order to be more durable, under the panel, PVC with a diameter of 8 and 10 mils is used, which is resistant to weather conditions.

Usually, they use SMD or LED for the space between the letters, which is empty, and the background of the board. And finally, it needs a 12 volt power source to turn on.

تابلو چلنیوم نوراندریک

Diamond channelium board (Crystal)

You must have heard the name of the star, crystal, scaly, circular and round channelium board.

When the Chalenium Panchi board was invented for the first time, people have encountered an extraordinary board. The elegance and precision used in making this board is unique, and it is made in square and circular shapes using laser technology.

The reason for choosing the name Almasi and Nagini

When geometrical shapes are cut on plexiglass sheets with a laser device, the light of the SMD lamps is broken when passing through and creates a beautiful and eye-catching picture. When the work of construction is finished, the light that passes through the surface of the tableau when it is displayed looks as if diamonds or sparkling gems have been used on the tableau, that is why it is known as a diamond and a gem.

تابلو چلنیوم کریستال

Chalenium board with punchy edge

Chalenium Panchi board is one of the most fashionable advertising boards that has found a special place among people.

With the introduction of chelenium embossing machines, a revolution in the field of making modern signs took place.

Any type of prominent letters can be made into a punch, such as steel, channelium and neon, and used in the desired sign.

Materials needed to make the Chalenium Panchi panel:

To make the edge of the letters, Chelenium Punch sheets with diameters of 7, 9, and 11 are used, and the work surface can be made of transparent plexiglass in gold, silver, and even black colors. Side, super side is made so that the SMDs inside the letters are not visible.

تابلو چلنیوم پانچی

round board

The round Chalenium Gard board is one of the types of advertising boards, which is the most effective advertising work to attract people’s attention and audience.

The round channelium board is circular in shape made of channelium alloy and has high resistance against rust, scratches and scratches. The round channelium board is very durable and has a long life.

Materials used to make a round channelium sign:

To make a round channelium sign from plexiglass, a chelenium edge with a diameter of 7, 9, 11 SMD for Nortablue, PVC is used for the sub-work and power source (trans).

The round chelenium board is mostly used for the front board of large stores, banks and institutions, exchange offices, cafes, restaurants.

تابلو چلنیوم گرد

Novin Sign, the center for the production of chelenium boards, has minimized the cost of chelenium boards with the best quality by using modern and fully automatic letter-making machines, so that customers can order and buy their channelium boards in the shortest time.

What is a channelium table lamp?

In the Channelium Letters, this is because the letters are placed together in different ways and each one should have light.

For this purpose, we use LED lamps for lighting in each part of the board to avoid excessive energy consumption.

The top layer of the panel is made of plexiglass and the bottom of the panel is made of compressed plastic called PVC, on which the LED lamps are connected and placed under the raised letters.

These signs reflect the light during the day and give an extraordinary effect to your storefront at night.

Red Channelium Letters

Before ordering a panel, be sure to pay attention to who is your target audience? Based on that, order your table according to the audience’s taste.

You can order the Channelium Letters in any color, for example, the red color in the Channelium Letters is suitable for the signs of home appliance stores, supermarkets, online service companies, motorcycle stores, tools, car showrooms.

For which businesses is the red channelium board used?

  • Real Estate
  • Livers
  • Car shows
  • Spare parts store
  • Car wash
  • Hospital emergency department
  • Consolidated channelium board

Consolidated channelium board

channelium is compatible with other panel building materials.

It has caused the hands of the panel maker to be open in the design and construction of the panel.

Now, if we want to combine the elements of painting together, we can definitely design extraordinary paintings.

The yellow board is the choice of which business

  • Irancell brand
  • Fast foods
  • Internet cafe
  • Gallery of watches and jewelry
  • confectionary

The best-selling colors of the channelium board

The issue of color is one of the most important options in making a panel, and you should definitely talk to our consultants to guide you in the field of color channelium. It is possible that the color you choose is neutral and does not transmit light or is not suitable for your business.

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