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Lightbox board

What is a light box?

One of the most attractive panels of the Novin Sign paneling company is the light box panels, which have many fans.

A light box is a type of board that has a frame and is designed as a standing, hanging or wall-mounted form, and it is used in both indoor and environmental advertising forms.

The light box can be produced without a frame and all kinds of printing materials are used to print its content.

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The most important use of light box boards:

To make a light box board, we use light boxes made of plastic, wood, and aluminum, and for the inside design, we put the advertising photo or poster that we have printed into this box, and from the back of this type of board for We use lighting.

The photo of this board can be easily changed. Therefore, a professional designer can easily design an extremely beautiful board and he only has to pay attention to this.

that the lighting that attracts the viewer’s attention.

that the lighting that attracts the viewer’s attention.

Lightbox panels are usually used inside the building, and with a professional lighting on the photo inside this type of panel, it makes the work more attractive.

The lighting of the light box is done in two ways: moonlight and LED.

The method of making light box panels:

  1. We need a frame to get started.
  2. We place the photo or poster that has been designed and printed in advance into the frame.
  3. We use the led strip behind the frame to illuminate it so that the light from behind the work shines on the photo and has a special effect.
  4. If you use LED strips that have moonlight and sunlight, it is effective in the quality of work
  5.  We use an adapter to connect the LEDs to electricity, and use a transparent glass or plastic protector to protect the photos.

All kinds of light box boards

  • Crystal lightbox
  • Frameless light box (fabric)Magnetic lightbox
  • Lightbox snap frame
  • Aluminum lightbox
  • MDF light box
  • Rotating lightbox

Crystal lightbox

In the crystal light box, unlike the normal light box, a design can be printed on the backlight material for advertising and image display.

This type of light box is made of two layers of Plexiglas with a thickness of 8 and 2 mm, and its maximum thickness is 1 cm, which can be applied in dimensions of 180 x 120 cm, and backlit printing is used between these two layers. to be

Changing the printed design inside the board by the customer is one of the advantages of this type of board.

How to install the crystal light box can be installed on the plaster wall, stone, mdf, ceiling, the working area can be cut into a shape other than the usual square and rectangle.

There are several methods for printing designs inside the lightbox:

  • Printing directly on Talaq
  • Printing on the sticker and then pasting on the Talaq
  • Printing on backlight and then pasting on Talaq

Standing and hanging lightbox

You should know that the designs inside this type of light box are cut by a laser machine and glued on the plexiglass.

To change the image of these light boxes, you can open the screws around the frame and change the photo.

Application of standing light box:

  • Inside the subway
  • Mobile market
  • cinema hall
  • Exhibition booths

The advantage of using Lightbox:

1- Optimal consumption of electricity

2- Being affordable in terms of price

3- Easily change advertisements inside the box

4- High resistance

5- High quality

6- The light spreads completely and uniformly to all surfaces.

7- Less energy is used compared to other panels.

8- The photo used in the lightbox can be easily changed

9- long duration

10- The possibility of using the light box as a wall or pendant

11-very low thickness

Frameless lightbox


Frameless or fabric lightbox panel:

One of the most special types of aluminum light boxes is the fabric light box that has attracted the attention of Novin Sain customers.

In these panels, fabric backlight printing is done first and then it is installed on the aluminum body of the light box.

The design of these embroidered fabrics is such that they can be placed on the edges of the light box without creating creases or wrinkles.

SMD projectors are used in the backlight screen, which are very low consumption.

Most fabric light box panels are usually made with a thickness of 7.5 cm and can be designed and manufactured without any size limit.

One of the characteristics of this type of light box panels is that they are resistant to damage and weather conditions such as rain and humidity, sun, etc., for this reason, they can be used in outdoor spaces. did

The fabric light box panel is very light and can be used as a hanging, wall or stand.

This model of light box boards are widely used as decorative boards and advertising boards in educational, commercial, hospitals, airports, terminals, travel agencies, subways, etc.

One of the reasons that attracts the attention of the viewers is the light that increases the effectiveness of the design and the beautiful effect of the painting, it makes all the people and audience attracted to the painting and its image content.

To change the design of the fabric backlight panel, after reprinting and embroidering the fabric, the previous print can be pulled out from the edges of the aluminum and the new print can be placed on the edges in the same way as the previous print was placed. Placed aluminum.

Features of fabric light box:

  • Very high quality digital printing
  • Easy installation, butt frame image
  • The ability to install as a stand, hanging and wall
  • Light weight and portable
  • No need for special training to change the print
  • No limitation in size
  • Use of SMD lighting system with low power consumption

In general, the design and construction of the light box panel is such that metallized aluminum is used in the production of the light box frame.

The printed image of the design is placed in this aluminum frame.

The desired design is printed on a special fabric and placed in the aluminum frame of the lightbox.

For extensive environmental advertising, it is better to use a fabric light box instead of simple and low-light advertising boards that do not have an effect in the dark. The presence of low consumption SMD lamps in this model of boards makes the image look beautiful at any time of the day and night and attracts the attention of the audience.

Among the uses of the frameless light box panel:

  • Advertising in pharmacies
  • Menu display in restaurants
  • Signboards in museums and galleries
  • Photography exhibitions board
  • Shop stands
  • Product introduction lightbox
  • And many other things…

Aluminum light box

Aluminum light box panel is one of the types of light box panel which is made of flex or plexiglass backlight and the body or frame of this type of light box is made of aluminum.

SMD or LED lighting system is usually used inside this type of aluminum light box, which has high durability and resistance, and its electricity consumption is very low and economical.

Also, due to the use of this lighting system in the aluminum lightbox panel, a uniform and uniform light is given to the panel, which makes the picture look more beautiful.

Application of aluminum light box board:

More than the aluminum lightbox board, which is a type of environmental advertising that can be installed in most places and spaces and is used as a large or small advertising board.

The light boxes made in the subway are usually of the aluminum light box type.

Basically, taking into account that the market competition between different industries is increasing day by day and the value of advertising in attracting customer attention, it is very important to pay attention to its quality.

You can use aluminum light box in all stores, shops, commercial sales centers and supermarkets.

What can cause the difference between light boxes and other advertising boards is their difference in attracting the attention of customers.

Due to the light that shines from behind the work, the quality of the image is very eye-catching and attracts people’s attention. The design and construction of this type of light box is done in the form of hanging, standing and rotating.

The type of design of these boards:

Note that in order to design and make a light box panel, in addition to the artistic taste and taste in the text and the creation of shapes, one should also pay a lot of attention to the innovation in the design in such a way that they have the greatest impact on the audience.

The aluminum light box panel looks beautiful and stylish during the day, and at night when its light is on, due to the soft light of public places and stores, it has a beautiful effect and attracts people’s attention.

For this reason, in the professional design of the light box, factors such as the type of product, the store space, the amount of people’s traffic in the surrounding environment, the environmental conditions and a suitable and beautiful appearance are taken into consideration in order to attract the attention of the customers.

Aluminum light boxes are made in three different sizes with thicknesses of 5, 7 and 13 cm.

Due to the fact that the frames of this type of panel are made of aluminum, they do not have any borders, frames, staples, clamps and additions, and the only thing that the viewer sees from the front of the panel is a light image with a very small border.

For this reason, this board is ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces.

The difference between aluminum lightbox printing:

The type of printing in the aluminum light box can be back light and vinyl printing can be used.

The backlight is usually placed on a white plexiglass and a glass plexiglass is placed on it as a print protection.

In this method, the backlight can be easily replaced. In another execution method, the glass plexiglass is removed and the vinyl print is glued on the white plexiglass.

Backlight printing is not waterproof and it fades in sunlight.

But the material of this board is printed with a round out machine and shows high resistance in the open environment.

In addition to advertising, the aluminum lightbox board also plays an important role in decoration. In a decorative panel, you can use a light box panel with a desired design and shape.

You can go with the new advertising company to advertise your business.

Novin Sain consultants will guide you in the field of light box design and construction.

Novin Sain consultants will guide you in the field of light box design and construction.

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