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Steel sign board

Considering that steel is one of the oldest metals in the world, there are many uses for it, including those that are used in sign making.

The use of steel edge in the construction and price of

Steel sign board, which is one of the most important products and tools used in the field of panel making.


تابلو استیل

About the Steel sign board

In our world, finding many ancient meanings of steel and its uses shows the limitless resistance of this lovely alloy. This type of metal certainly does not deserve rust, scratches, so it meets the expectations of even the most demanding tastes.

Steel is one of the most practical types of raised letters

As there are different types of metal raised letters, the most ordered today are steel raised letters.

Steel letters have been used since the beginning of making modern signs in Iran and are very beautiful.

Most signboard makers use steel to make advertising signs, which has a beautiful appearance and attracts the attention of the audience, and has a significant effect on the price of making a Steel sign board.

Considering that recently and after the arrival of new letters in the market, such as chelenium embossed letters and other signs, metal letters such as copper, brass and iron are not used much in sign making. But Steel sign board have never gone out of fashion due to newer and more beautiful designs and designs, and many still want this type of letters.

Today, more diverse and beautiful designs and colors are produced from it.

You can see all types of these designs in Novin Sign paneling.

The consultants of Novin Sign paneling group will guide you so that you can make the best choice.

Steel letters

The use of steel embossed letters in tableau making is one of the oldest and at the same time the most beautiful techniques.

Today, steel letters have more diverse and creative designs.

In making steel embossed letters, there is the ability of any maneuver in creating and making various and new designs for every taste.

Steel sign board can be implemented without light, with light and hidden light.

Steel letters are cut with laser devices due to the need for delicacy and precision.

Steel sheets are divided into 2 categories: steel and non-steel, and the difference between them is as follows:

Get a steel sheet that has the ability to attract magnets and due to the use of a small percentage of chrome, they are less resistant to rust.

Usually, the use of steel sheets in the profession of panel making is not recommended, especially for outdoor spaces, due to the lack of resistance to different weather conditions, and it is only suitable for interior decorations.

Don’t take steel sheet, take the opposite of steel sheet, which has the property of attracting magnets and does not attract magnets.

The use of chrome and nickel in steel makes it resistant to wear and corrosion, which makes it a suitable option for making Steel sign boards in the outdoor space and in all weather conditions.

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Steel panel price

Advantages of steel advertising board

  • Long life compared to other alloys and compared to the cost paid
  • The need for less maintenance than other signboard materials
  • Inherent and natural attractiveness even without the need for color
  • Affordability of the steel sign board price
  • Usable even in coastal cities
  • Anti-rust, scratch and corrosion
  • Long life, durability and longevity

Types of steel used in Steel sign boards

All three types of polished steel, scratched, matte and shiny, have their own special beauty.

And in two types, 304 steel is perfect for all indoor and outdoor spaces, and 316 steel is perfect for the body of very large panels.

One of the unique features of the steel panel, due to the properties of this metal, which has a luxurious and antique effect, the steel panel is a point that cannot be ignored.

which generously brings this splendor and glory to your board with any size, model and font. And this board with its material displays your brand in the best possible way.


How to make and the price of a Steel sign board

The way to make a steel sign board price in Tehran is that considering that the Steel sign board is cut by laser and water jet, which is a tool for cutting superalloys, and by using very high water pressure.

The professional team of modern advertising signboards is able to provide different and unique designs to our dear customers. And due to having a cutting machine, they can easily implement any design.

It is certainly our responsibility to guarantee the quality, durability and long-term shine, as well as the possibility of installing light from the back, so-called “Andrik light” with a hidden base for the series of panels without light, such as Steel sign boards.

Designers and presenters with experience in making new advertising signs with a brilliant history in making and installing all kinds of steel signs (punch edge steel, grid light steel, ring steel, mixed steel with norandric plexiglass, etc.) are ready with pride.

To turn the diverse designs and tastes of demanding customers into lasting and unique paintings with the support of creative and innovative minds and artist’s hands.

For more guidance and to know the price of making a steel advertising board and installing it, you can contact our consultants and our colleagues will be in touch with you until the delivery and installation of the board.

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